I was fascinated by the ancients teas that I learned about from the locals during my journey into the South American rainforest. So I now keep up on everything that is new and interesting with these herbal teas. On this page are links to the latest and greatest in the Wisdom of the Ancient’s® world so you can keep up with the news as well. My only regret is that I cannot report here my sighting of the Wise Old Man as of yet. My search continues.

Godfather of Yerba Maté in the U.S. – It was a simple case of serendipity that prompted James A. May to create the first U.S. brand of yerba maté – Wisdom of the Ancients®.

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Oz-Approved Miracle Energy Drinks

Dr. Oz reviews 3 different drinks for their effectiveness and health benefits, including a rave endorsement of Yerba Mate.

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